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If you answered Yes, I need to ask you a couple of questions:

1. Do You Live in Florida?

2. Do You Have a High Electric Bill (Over $200 a month)?

Well, If you answered Yes to both of those questions; United Green Power, Inc. can make you a special offer and show you how to save 12 to 30% on your  Monthly Power Bill at the same time?

You know This as Well as I do;

These Power Companies Rates are Getting Out of Hand.

All they want is more, more, more. They ask for rate increases every year and the only way their prices can go is up. Have you ever heard of a rate decrease? Not in our lifetime. So when is enough-enough? If there was something you could do about it, wouldn’t you at least want to hear about it. Only a fool makes decisions without having all the facts.

The way to do something about it is to go green.

You’ll be doing your part to save some of the planet’s carbon footprint and save some money in the process. How are you going to do it? Give us 15 minutes to tell you about:

The Green Power Box®

If I could show you a way to save 12 to 30% on your monthly Power Bill, would it be worth 15 minutes of your time?

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01 Why Do I Need a Green Power Box in the First Place? BGS- Alexandria, LA

There’s Several Very Good Reasons Actually.
Let’s think Globally for a moment;

The Green Power Box®:

  • · Protects the Environment,
  • · Reduces the demand for electricity,
  • · Reduces the need to build MORE power plants,
  • · Reduces the need for MORE foreign oil,
  • · Reduces the greenhouse effect, and
  • · For every Kwh you save, your carbon foot-print is reduced by more than a ¼ lb.

Now Let’s Think Personally:

  • · It Surge Protects everything in your home,
  • · It extends the life of Your Appliances,
  • · It eliminates Wasted Electricity,
  • · It removes Harmful EMF’s from your home,
  • · It reduces Heat in your wiring therefore reducing the risk of electrical fires
  • · PLUS, It is Guaranteed to SAVE you from 12-30% on Your Electric Bill… So it will pay for itself.

 Isn’t it About Time For You to Go Green?

Save Money With United Green Power.

Our revolutionary green product will reduce your monthly Power bill up to 30% for your home or business. Our Green Power Box starts by optimizing the power that comes into your home, allowing your motors to run cooler and more efficiently providing you whole house surge protection. But what does that mean to you in dollars and cents?

Before we go there, let’s look at two things; reality and the Green Power Box Guarantee.
United Green Power Guarantees the Green Power Box with a 15 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty; We also Guarantee that you will get a minimum of 12% savings.
The reality is; we have had a lot of our customers get over 30% savings, so that is why we say between 12 and 30%. The average customer gets around 26% depending on the number of electric motors in their home. If your home is fully electric, you will get more benefit than someone with a gas range and a gas furnace.

So what does that mean to you dollar wise?

If your electric bill is: Your average savings will be between:
$200 $24 and $52 monthly
$300 $36 and $78 monthly
$400 $48 and $104 monthly

So you can see what your savings should be, PLUS, You can quickly determine your ROI or the Return on Your Investment all the while making your home more energy efficient.

Read what some more of our Customers have to say about their Green Power Boxes:

I purchased an old 4 Bedroom fix-me-upper to restore for our family home. The power bill was over $400 a month. I installed the Green Power Box and took some of the advice from the 21 tips report and replaced the windows with double panes and added some insulation in the attic. My power bill is now averaging around $225 a month. This stuff really works. Thanks United Green Power
Robert-City Park, FL
I had the Green Power Box installed about 6 months ago. When I compared this years bills to last years bills and I’m averaging over $75 a month less this year than I did at the same time last year. At this rate The box will pay for itself in 2 years. Thanks Mike and all the people over at UGP.
Lanette-Longwood, FL
Read what one of our Customers has to say about Green Power Box

I’m what you call a natural born skeptic. But, this Green Power Box has made a believer out of me. I’ve had it installed for over a year now and my power bills are $65 a month less than they were last year. Thanks Mike.
Kevin-Orlando, FL