Understanding The Green Power Box Benefits

Save Money. Save Power. Save The Environment.


Save Money; the main benefits of the Green Power Box is; it eliminates the waste of electricity by reducing the amperage and improving the power factor. Wasted amps in the form of heat and delivery inefficiency raise your electric bill.

More benefits of the Green Power Box is; it extends the life of appliance motors; the Green Power Box cools down all of your appliance motors thus dramatically increasing their lifetime.

Another benefit of the Green Power Box is; it Surge Protects Everything; by using the Green Power Box, your whole house or business is protected from electrical surges. The Green Power Box also reduces the heat generated through your wires and motors substantially therefore reducing the risk of electrical fires.

United Green Power, Inc., Guarantees the Return on you Investment; The Green Power Box provides you with substantial savings off your electric bill. The purchase price is then put back into your pocket in a short time.

Global benefits of the Green Power Box is; it Protects the Environment; the Green Power Box reduces the demand for electricity, reduces the need to build MORE power plants, reduces the need for MORE foreign oil and reduces the greenhouse effect. For every Kwh you save, your carbon footprint is reduced by more than a ΒΌ lb.

The Green Power Box Benefits Directly Save You Money!