Do You Own a Home in Florida?

Do you own a home, commercial property or a building in Florida?

Are you tired of the high cost of electricity yet?

If you are, you should look into making your home more energy efficient with the Green Power Box.

The Green Power Box® is an advanced power reduction system that can save residential and commercial power customers 12% to 30% on electricity bills each and every month. Since 2009, the Green Power Box® has been installed in a variety of residential and business locations resulting in hundreds of satisfied users.

The Green Power Box® acts as a filter that reduces the harmful Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). This ensures a safer, more protected environment. The Green Power Box helps your equipment run cooler and more efficiently and as a direct result; this lowers your operating expense by a guaranteed minimum of 12% in usage and costs, with historic savings of up to 30%.

The residential system was designed for homes with power bills over $200 monthly, while the light commercial system was designed for businesses with average monthly electric bills between $500 and $1500 per month. Both residential and Light Commercial Green Power Box® Systems are technologically advanced energy reduction and conditioning systems that employ the same technology used on larger commercial systems, designed to help lower KW line losses, consumption, and raise your electrical systems Power Factor.

The 5 Key Functions of Green Power Box® are:

(1) Magnetic phase balancing of voltage to reduce demand, noise and waste in loads.
(2)Harmonic filtering of non-power currents to reduce the billed Kilowatt Hour demand.
(3)Transient voltage conversion by capturing surges and redistributing as usable power.
(4)Resonance-free power factor correction to reduce reactive non-power demands.
(5)Reduced load currents resulting in reduced peak power demand subsequent charges.
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