Dealerships Available

Mike Iamaio, President of United Green Power, Inc. with their corporate offices in Orlando, Florida announces that they are opening a few more slots to allow a new dealership to open in select cities around the country with a major airport.

United Green Power, Inc. is the exclusive owner and provider of the Green Power Box®. A Patented, UL Listed electronic device that uses state of the art technology to actively monitor and improve the power usage in your home. The energy reduction system corrects spikes in the electricity you pay for and creates a uniform leveled power draw, thereby avoiding the constant surges that occur when your equipment powers on. That excess electricity is stored instead of being released into the atmosphere as EMF’s, where it is flattened and released back into your electrical system as needed, allowing you to use the power that you pay for, saving you money in the process.

The Green Power Box® is an advanced power reduction system that can save residential and commercial customers from 12% to 30% on electricity bills each and every month. Since 2009, the Green Power Box® has been installed in a variety of residential and business clients resulting in hundreds of satisfied users. If you would like more information on acquiring a dealership for yourself; go to our website at:

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