Green Power Box Dealership Package

We manufacture and distribute a Money Saving Energy Reduction System that will save Residential and Commercial buildings from 12% – 33% off on their Electric Bill.

In addition, the system will extend the life of all of the customers electric motors by 50% while providing a Whole House Surge Protection service for the entire home.

Feel free to browse our Website and look for videos that demonstrate ‘How They Work’ and a Testimonial to tell the results of our System. Thousands of Green Power Boxes been sold around the country and all of them have maintained a consistent positive performance record.

Included in our Dealership package:
* 50 Green Power Box systems that have a value of $100,000.
* Power Factor Correction Meter
* 2 Complete Demonstration Kits
* 5 Thousand Brochures
* Hands on Training program
* Residential & Commercial Lead Program

Competition is Non-Existent

Total Dealership Investment = $55,000

This Opportunity will only allow ONE Dealer in any area that has a Major Airport.

Email our team, for more information: