Let’s Save the Earth and Save Some Money Too!

Start Saving up to 30% on your Energy Bill for your Home or Office. The Green Power Box is the worlds finest On Demand Energy Saving Device. Save Money, Extend the life of your Appliances, and have Peace of Mind Knowing You are Saving the Environment Every Day. Contact us TODAY for a Personal Demonstration on How the Green Power Box Will Improve Your Personal Situation. Go to our Website at: for More Information. Look for us on Facebook too.


The Green Power Box is UL Approved and has been tested by NASA. The Box is professionally installed by your service breaker panel and provides you the highest rate of energy savings and whole house surge protection. It also comes with a 15 year warrantee with a 25 year life expectancy.

How Does it Work?

Our Green Power Box optimizes the power that comes into your home, allowing your motors to run cooler and more efficiently providing whole house surge protection. This equates to saving money and extending the life of your equipment.

When a motor starts; it asks the utilities transformer for more power, (voltage and amperage) to run. This demand for power runs through the wiring, panel box, meter and down the lines to the transformer which causes all of it to heat up putting a strain on the motor and wiring. This heat, called I2R Losses, are called watts. The Green Power Box, once installed, stores and releases energy to the start windings of the motors causing a lower strain and heat generation but still allowing the motor to function properly. This reduces heat on the wires, eliminates harmful Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s) in your home and provides whole house surge protection. Saving you 12 to 30% on your power bill in most cases.


 Need More Proof? Watch this short video:

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