Do You Understand The Effects of EMF’s on Humans?

Do You Understand The Effects of EMF’s on Humans? The World Health Organization (WHO) has been studying the effects of EMF’s on humans for over 16 years and there are 1000s of reports that link EMF’s to cancer, diabetes, leukemia and a host of other serious diseases. People have no idea that these harmful EMF’s are in their home. It gets worse and worse with the addition of more and more electronic devices.

We have a relatively inexpensive product for Orlando residential and commercial property owners called the Green Power Box ®. It removes the majority of the harmful EMF’s from your home and brings it down to a safe level.

I would hate to know that 50 years from now, my children or grandchildren were stricken with some horrible disease and I could have done something years prior to prevent it. We can’t continue to expose our children or grandchildren to the harmful effects of EMF’s and do nothing about it. So I need you to help me get the word out and inform people to the dangers of EMF’s.

If you know anyone with a big home or a small business, or someone with a bunch of children that could use a Green Power Box, they need one of these products in their home.

Mike Iamiao of United Green Power, INC. of Orlando can help you get the Green Power Box installed in your home to eliminate 99% of these harmful EMF’s and get our children protected.

It’s Inexpensive and Economical Too!

If you are in the Orlando area and you are tired of paying high energy bills, our Green Power Box is an economical way to cut your bill from 12-30%. You can get more information on our website at: or give me a call at 407-308-2951.

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